Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Foil Dinners (Hobo Dinners)

*So I know everyone has their own version of this, but I wanted to share mine cause I think it is really good.

1lb ground beef
3-6 potatoes skinned and chopped into chunks
baby carrots
half an onion thinly sliced
2 packets of dry Ranch dressing mix
beef broth

Get out some foil. Bend up the sides to make a kind of bowl. Place carrots, potatoes, and onions in. (I put the amount of ingredients according to who will be eating it. Ex. Ashlyn loves the carrots but not the potatoes, so she gets more carrots in hers. And Terry hates onions so I barely put any in his, and so on...) Pour a little beef broth over the veggies. (this will help cook them and keep them moist.) Sprinkle one packet of Ranch mix evenly over the veggies in each foil dinner. Next, in a bowl, sprinkle the remaining packet into your ground beef and mix through with your hands. Take about 1/4 of the ground beef and form into a patty.(you can take more or less depending on who will be eating it. For instance, make a bigger patty for your husband and a smaller for your 3 year old.) Place the patty on top of the veggies and fold over the foil and seal off. Bake at 375 for no less than an hour. I usually do mine for longer.

*Side note.. I have once replaced the Ranch mix with Itallian and it is also good (though I do prefer the ranch). So just use what you have. You can also put different veggies in as well. Carrots and potatoes are our favorites.

**This makes 4 servings, but I'm sure you could stretch it out to serve more.

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