Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easy Roast Pork & Veggies

My Mother-in-Law made this the other week and it was delicious, so I tried it the other day and mine turned out the same......so yummy and JUICY.  It only takes like 5 minutes of prep, so it's very easy.

Pork Loin/Roast (I'm sure this would work with tenderloin too, just don't cook it as long)
Grill seasoning (I use Mrs. Dash, my Mother-in-Law used McCormick, both were really good.)
Any other fresh veggies you want.  I just used carrots and potatoes, because that's all I had.  But Donna also did Onions, Green Beans, and mini Peppers.  Asparagus would be really good too. 

Heat oven to 450.  Rub roast with oil, then rub with grill seasoning.  Put in glass pan or roasting pan.  In a large bowl, put a couple tablespoons of oil.  Then wash and cut up your veggies and add them to the bowl.  Salt and pepper them really well, then toss it all together.  Pour the veggies around the roast in your pan and cover with foil.  Bake at 450 for about 30 minutes, then take off the foil and let it cook for about another 10 minutes.  Check for doneness. 

*These leftovers make the BEST sandwiches.  Thinly slice the cold pork and put it on rolls with mayo and mustard and salt & pepper (& lettuce if you want).  Just like a turkey sandwich, but these are SO GOOD!

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