Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spiced Apple Cider

My Parents had HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of pounds of apples from their trees this year! So that means I have a ton of fresh-pressed apple juice! But you can use this recipe with any apple juice and it will taste great......just not as great as mine;)

You can either do a big batch of this on the stove or in a crock pot.....or you can do a mug-full at a time in the microwave.

Apple Juice
Cinnamon Sticks: One for each serving. If You're doing a big pot, put in a few. If you are doing it in a mug, just put in one.
cloves: A couple for each serving.
Orange slice(opt) One for each serving.

Heat on stove top, in the microwave, or in crock pot. If you do it the crock pot it makes your house smell wonderful! Then you can drink it hot(that's how I like mine) or chill in the fridge.

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